My Weight Management Journey

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More than two weeks ago I started to make serious (again) in dedicating to lose weight and fat off my body. You see currently I’m between 220 to 225 pounds depending on how heavy I eat during the day or how life take a tool in between work and stress.

So I decided the least stressful workout. The “high cardio no impact” yoga for regular guy (YRG) by Diamond Dallas Page. (DDP). I have already seen that inspirational video of how Arthur managed to lose weight and became healthy and fit. His doing YRG that can be performed by any person regardless of his current situation. (Consultation with a doctor is still being advised before taking any exercises.)

I was motivated because of my condition that I had a “slip-disc” before and yoga is perfect to start with. So here I am, starting again.

Why I decided to write about this?

Before, I had a Youtube video about how I wanted to do a 6-pack abs but it was kind of a comedy show where I performed an exercise and shown my bulging tummy and demonstrated where my 6 pack abs was. Not many months ago, I also do heavy lifting (not literally) like playing basketball and jogging in Ayala. (Nothing happens because until now I’m still overweight). I’m still 60 pounds overweight. My ideal weight is 165 pounds but I’m fine with 180 pounds. I decided to write about this for 2 reasons: 1. to prove that if they can do it, I can do it too. 2. I wanted to share my experience about this journey so that it will help others who are in the same situation like myself. Being overweight and trying yet fail time and time again. This time i already map out a 6 to 8 months goal to achieve my dream, to live healthy and fit because being overweight slowly keeps my ideas, my energy, my stamina away.

My preparation

I bought a weighing scale and I have my old measuring tape to measure all my results. I have a smartphone to track my progress as well as Google Drive spreadsheet that I manually enter data every single day.

My Google Drive spreadsheet to track my results


For 2 weeks that I perform YRG, I have not recorded my weight and measurement so having these 2 I can determine if what I did was effective and what needs to be corrected to improve.

Anyhow, I also plan to take weight management program. I will not tell what the product but I already have my choice because it was very effective before without the exercise.

Anyway, if you’re reading this and if you think that this is helpful to you or to someone who wants #motivation then please share my journey. Thank you.

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