Free vs Paid Advertising

In my years on doing paid advertising (Google Adwords/Facebook) it’s always been a learning experience and a positive one at that. Sure it involves money, oftentimes without expecting any immediate results but the overall effect is crucial to any online advertising efforts.

I always encourage my peers to go from free to paid advertising. Free ads has always been the way how we market products or services –and it is always good to start with free(we always love free). And doing it that way we’ll determine if we’re going to ramp up our efforts to go from free to paid advertising.

Let me tell you a story.

A while back I promoted free advertising through (now owned by OLX). It made a lot of money. Imagine for just 10 sales it could made me almost 1 million pesos. But it never crossed my mind to do paid advertising to double or level up to achieve that goal. Instead I was happy to earn 100k or 200k per month. That was a lesson learned.

Since then, I started to add paid advertising and the effort paid off.

Below is the screenshot of my Facebook paid ads. It is only but one of my accounts that identically has the same result. Disclaimer: Results are not typical so yours could be different.

CliffordX Facebook Ads Account